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Local Emergency 24HR Locksmith Service In Earley. Call us at any hour for immediate locksmith technician dispatch. Best service at the best rates available.

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We always carry stock so we can repair most of the lock issues on the spot.
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Our Local Earley Locksmiths can be with you within 25 Minutes.
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All of our customers
will be provided with an invoice which will cover 1 year warranty.
Multi Repairs
From locks to multipoints. You name it we fix it.
24 hour Fast Response
We guarantee a locksmith will be with you at any time & any day.
Full Locksmith services
We offer a wide range of services. Call us for more info.

Earley Locksmith Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Locksmith Services in Earley. Our Local Locksmith Services are available 24/7 Nationwide. Our Earley Locksmith Response Team will Guarantee a Local Technician will be with you within 30 Minutes.

Emergency Call Out In Earley

If you find yourself in need of a locksmith in Earley, feel free to contact us at any time, our offices are open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. We aim to be with our customers in less than 30 minutes for all areas that service is provided. Call out fee £49

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Lockout Service In Earley

If you ever find yourself unable to gain access to the property , we will be able to help. We have technicians that specialise in all types of doors and locks ensuring that we can gain access successfully in all situations.

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Lock Replacement In Earley

Whether the lock is for your house, apartment, flat, bungalow or business premises, we can help change locks on all properties. Should you have just moved into a new property, we recommend that you change locks on your house, to guarantee your safety and security.
When changing locks at home, another reason is to abide with the standards set in your house insurance policy, to ensure you’re protected and covered should anything happen to your home.
We also offer lock repair services to fix broken and damaged locks, or a lock replacement should you require it.

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Lock Repairs In Earley

We provide a professional lock installation, door opening, lock repair or lock replacement service for all types of doors and windows.Damaged and faulty locks can be opened, repaired or replaced on site. As professional locksmiths we look to repair your lock where possible rather than replace, keeping any potentially costly damage to the surrounding door to a minimum.

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UPVC Doors & Windows In Woodley

When it comes to UPVC window locks and doors there’s a range of reasons why you may need a repair, whether it’s broken or damaged or you may require a lock replacement. Our team have a wealth of experience and will only provide the most suitable solution.

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Security Upgrades In Earley

We supply & fit state of the art security technologies that will protect your property against all types of attacks. We install CCTV systems, British Standard Locks, Security Pad Locks & Much More.

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Maintenance & Safety In Earley

We can provide maintenance service for both commercial & domestic customers looking to improve or maintain their level of security. We will do a free inspection on current state of security and advise if anything needs improvement.

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Customer Testimonials

Reviews for Space Locksmiths

Louise Carter

"Speed, Price and Service Excellent
I called Space locksmiths as we couldn’t lock our front door. We were going on holiday the next day and  were very anxious to get the door fixed. Alex came out very quickly, identified the problem and was able to pick up a replacement part to fit. "

Raqib Solaz

" Thank you very much for the work done, prompt and lovely to deal with. Very polite guys ! recommend . Raqib "

Elena Iacomi

" Very polite on the phone and the guy who done the job was great too, I recommend them "

Kay Cheng

" Unfortunately my lock broke and I was locked in, I rang Space and within 20 mins they were at my house, I was very pleased with the service, new lock and full service, the guy was very polite, and explained everything to me and tidied up and wiped the door clean afterwards. Very pleased with the service, I would recommend them!! "

Peter Haligan

" M Alex arrived very quickly and was extremely professional. Work was to a high standard and very reasonably priced - probably best pricing in the area! Would definitely recommend "

Lukasz Szycha

" I have lost my keys from my flat and called these guys, there were here within 25 minutes, and done a really quick and fair priced job. Thank you Mercia! "

Proven Track Record

Our Professional Woodley Locksmith Service has helped many customers with all lock, multi-point and lockout situation issues. We are trusted & highly reviewed by all of our customers based on the work we provide.
Parts Repaired
Doors Open
Satisfied Customers
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Locksmith Earley Burglary Prevention

As a highly trusted locksmith company serving clients in (Reading Berkshire UK) we have create a list of security tips that all of our customers can apply in order to have a greater level of security within their homes.

1. If your door is not double-locked , then it's not locked at all !

There is a big misconception that if you cannot operate the handle from the outside, therefore not being able to enter in the property without the key, then the door is locked. Well I'm here to tell you that is not true and people are not educated on that. Let me explain. Those types of doors that will not allow you to enter the house without the key are based purely on the handle mechanism and not the actual lock , you see, if you can open the door from the inside but not from the outside, that means it's not locked , therefore leaving you at risk for an attack. Always lift the handle up, engage the multi-point system and then turn the key in the lock. That way your door will be secured fully.
With the number of burglary's increasing in Berkshire and Reading area people should be careful about which locksmith they use to secure their house, that's why we are the number 1 locksmith in reading berkshire and nearby places such as woodley,earley and caversham. People trust our sevice and we trust our customers. It's a no-brainer!

2. Install British Standard Security Locks to avoid forced entry in the property.

We suggest to all of our customers to install british standard approved high security locking systems. What is the difference between a standard lock and a high security locking system ? Well let's just say the basic lock will take about 25-40 seconds to be broken into whereas the high security lock it could be taking hours without gaining entry. We specialise in the installation and repair of locks and high security locks in Reading Berkshire Uk and other areas around on a 20 mile radius, for a free quote don't hesitate to give us a call !

3. Don't trust non-registred companies with changing locks or entering your property.

We suggest all of our customers to do their home-work before calling a locksmith or anyone who has the power to gain access to their property and that can have intelligence over the layout of the property , goods in the house or even change locks of which they can hold a copy. Please be careful and always go with trusted and registred comapnies to carry out the work.

You can find us working 24 Hours a day in Reading, Berkshire UK. Our highly experienced technicians are ready to assist you with any locksmith needs. So are you in RG1, RG2, RG3, RG4, RG5, RG6, RG7 & Require a fast locksmith service ?
Call us today for a free estimate and we will send someone out which will be with you within 20 minutes.

RG1 Locksmith  - 10 Minute ETA
RG2 Locksmith  - 10 Minute ETA
RG3 Locksmith  - 15 Minute ETA
RG4 Locksmith  - 20 Minute ETA
RG5 Locksmith  - 20 Minute ETA
RG6 Locksmith  - 20 Minute ETA
RG7 Locksmith  - 20 Minute ETA

We always focus on time & being efficient , so you will never have to wait a long time stuck outside your house!

Security Advice Locksmiths Earley, Reading BerkshirePublished On : 27.01.20201. Make sure your home is security assessed

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed there were 669,000 cases of domestic burglary in England and Wales in 2018 - and one in four of victims more than once.As the MLA is looking to increase greater awareness of home security, it's encouraging homeowners to have their properties assessed by their expert locksmiths, which is free of charge.

2. Make sure you have a proper lock installed

MLA experts say many security problems come from not having the correct lock fitted in their front door.Cheap replica brands of well known brands do not stand up to the test, the MLA warns.The association recommends Yale and Chubb locks that are known for being sturdy and secure.And uPVC doors are not recommended as they are only controlled by a single lock and key.The MLA said people should also stop leaving their car keys, or even their house keys, on hallway tables and in plain sight as thieves can then easily access homes.

3. Qualified locksmiths only

According to the MLA, one of the main problems is that locksmiths are not regulated, which means anyone can puport to be one.The association is now calling for greater public awareness about the dangers of rogue traders.They recommend people to be wary of locksmiths claimed to be police - vetted, police - checked or police -registered, as there is no such thing as police vetting of locksmiths so this will be a false claim.

4. Only use Sold Secure tested products

Sold Secure is a security scheme owned and administered by the MLA.The main purpose is to test security products on the market, from motorbike chains to bicycle locks, to see how secure they are.If a product sufficiently keeps an item safe, it will be labelled as Sold Secure and customers can be safe in the knowledge they are buying a product that works.

5. Be serious about security

The MLA has stressed the importance of homeowners making sure their security is up to scratch.One recommendation is that households make sure they have lots of sensor lighting outside of the home.

Space Locksmiths

22 Oct 2020

Professional Locksmith Service In Reading RG6

We offer a 24 Hour Locksmith Service In Earley RG6 - If your lock needs repairs, you are locked out , need a lock changed or just want to get a quote in Reading RG Post Code then don’t hesitate and give us a call. An expert will be with you as soon as possible to assist you with any problem you may have. We pride ourselves with a great customer service at a great price. We will quote you at any time as we understand sometimes you just need to get that job done. For quotes we do not charge a call-out fee so it’s hassle free. And the best part is we can be with you in less than 30 minutes ! So what are you waiting for ? Call your Earley Locksmith Experts today for a free quote and a job well done !

Space Locksmiths

20 Oct 2020

Domestic & Commercial Locksmith Services

Why would you need a locksmith in Earley ? It’s not everyday that you need the service of a locksmith & we understand, people usually only call us when they get locked out , so it’s not a happy situation to start with and we understand that. We understand that there are stressfull situations , late nights , rainy days and that’s why we do out best to be with you as soon as possibile with the shortest wait time that we can aim for. In Reading our locksmiths can be with you ,depending on avability in as little as 15-20 minutes. We try to be the best at what we do and that starts with turning up on time & being efficinent. Let’s be honest, no one likes to wait for an hour at 1 AM being locked out. We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and all of our technicians are always going to put you as their first priority, from the moment you make that phone call , you are in safe hands. We will send the first available technician to you , you will get a confirmation from the locksmith technician that he is on his way, that’s just for your peace of mind, then he will do his best to be as efficinet as possibile at getting to you in a fast yet safe manner & doing his work to high standards to get the door open or whatever the job might be. All of our locksmith technicians in woodley and reading are fully trained and have a lot of experience. On top of all that we offer the best customer service & competitive pricing , you just have to try us next time you need a locksmith in rg6 reading, we promise we will be your next first choice after our first visit. We like to work a lot by word of mouth & reputation. We gain a good reputation by offering an equal great service across all of our jobs and to all of our customers. So , why would you might need a locksmith in berkshire ? Let’s go through a couple of the services we offer and see what we could help with. We specialise in emergency call out service & lockout service in Wokingham Reading, berkshire, UK. We also do lock repairs in reading, lock changes in reading , upvc repair in earley, window locks in earley, window repair in earley, locksmith service earley, locked out service caversham, safe opening caversham. We can basically help out with anything ! Anything that has a lock, it turns or doesn’t ( perhaps it’s broken ) we can do it ! You can call us at any time, any day we can always help,remeber we are 24 Hours so if you ever need a locksmith in Earley RG6 just give us a call and we will help. If you just have a question, don’t hesitate to give us a call also !

Space Locksmiths

18 July 2020

How do we get you back into your earley property ?

In the instance of a lockout situation we understand that for the customer it's a stressful situation so therefore we try our best to be as friendly & professional as possible. Our locksmith technicians are fast & efficient , the most important thing for an emergency locksmith is to be with the customer in the shortest time possible , as we know being locked out is stressful we will be with you in the shortest time possible in that given moment. That ensures that all of our customers will be satisfied with our service and efficiency that we offer. From the moment we receive your phone call we use our system to assign the closest technician to your location, that ensures the shortest ETA will be achieved, therefore reducing travel time for the technician & wait time for the customers. Our Technicians are highly trained in the trade and will use various methods to get you back into your property ,making sure that you are feeling safe and confident with the service you receive at all times. Our Technicians are instructed to always check the customer for ID that corresponds with the property where the service occurs , that is to ensure that intruders will not gain access to your property by cold-calling our company, remember safety first ! We will always put your safety first, as a security company we always focus on Safety & Security of your property and assets. Our technicians will asses your lock type and the level of security your property has when they arrive on site, from there they will explain which method will be used to gain entry , corresponding with your lock & security level. The technician will always give you a price for the service before he starts working, that is to ensure the customer is aware of what is happening, how much it will cost and to make sure it can be paid when the work is done. We understand that sometimes you might think that the lock on your door is just a "simple lock" but we always recommend for our technicians to asses is first , in many instances the "simple lock" turns out to be a High Security British Standard Lock , rather than just a Simple Cheap Lock , therefore a different charge is applied considering the amount of work involved to get it open varies from one to another. We do understand that sometimes the price our technician will provide prior to start working might now suit our customers, but don't worry , our technicians will always understand your circumstances and offer you a price that suits your budget in order to let you back in your property.
So then, what methods do our technicians use ? At first all technicians are instructed to always try their best to pick the lock , so that no damage is involved to the lock and it can be re-used , unfortunately that is not always the case, as there are many types of situations in which the lock is either a very high security type of lock which does not allow picking or the mechanism at the back of the lock or gearbox in which the lock is placed is jammed. In that instance our technicians will have to either drill or snap your lock in order to gain access to the mechanism which needs attention in order to gain access , but not to worry , they are always ready with a full stock of all types of locks to suit your door if you wish to have a replacement after the work is finished.Please keep in mind that we always give our prices before-hand and always ask customers if they would like to replace the lock as well. We do understand that we charge a premium for the same lock you could buy at the store for a fraction of the price, but it's always a choice we offer to our customers, all of our customers are free to choose if it suits their budget and preference , all of our customers can feel free to decline locks provided from our technicians. We do hope everyone understands why we charge a premium with our locks. The price of our locks also includes the installation of the lock, the convenience of the lock being installed on the spot regardless of the time , we also include 1 year warranty with all locks provided , so at any time you can call us for free and we will change it and fix anything that goes wrong, for all this services we have to charge a fee, that is added in the price of the lock , which has to be understood and appreciated fairly.
All of our technicians will offer security advice at the end of every job, they will asses your security and how you can improve , also consider that living in a area with a potential higher risk of burglary it's a must to have a great level of security. At the moment we cover many areas and have locksmiths in reading & all the berkshire area, with our main office in reading we cover a 20 mile radius from the centre of Reading with the RG1 post-code. Right now we consider to have the fastest response team in Reading , estimating a technician to be with you in about 15 minutes. Our locksmith technicians in Reading are highly trained & equipped for any demand that your security will bring and will always be able to get you back into your property.
So why wait? If you need a highly skilled emergency locksmith service in reading or berkshire call us today for a free quote or assesment !

Space Locksmiths

18 July 2020

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